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Water Conditioning

Water Soft & CSI Treatment Systems Water should be a crystal clear, odorless, and textureless substance. There are many common water problems that can cause your water to be cloudy, have a bad smell and/or a rough texture.

When chlorine is present, it can cause a bad taste and smell, and can also dehydrate skin and hair.

A rotten egg smell, or an unpleasant smell can be the result of high levels of hydrogen sulfide in the water.

Iron and Manganese as well as other metals in a water supply can create a metallic taste and odor. And can be an indicator of water hardness. Water hardness has actually dissolved rock! Calcium and Magnesium can cause scale build-up in pipes and hot water tanks, and cause laundry to come out stiff and gray. When iron is present, sinks, fixtures and clothes can be stained or ruined. It takes more energy and cost to heat hard water, plus you can use twice the amount of soaps, detergents, shampoos and related products compared to soft water.

Soft water can prevent soap build up and can give skin and hair a silky look and feel. Clothes are brighter and last longer without deposits trapped in their fabric. Water pipes and appliances run more efficiently without scaling

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