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Tanks & Accessories-Tank Guard

You can be prepared for the unexpected expense of replacing a leaking oil tank with our TANK-GUARD® Program. It offers a tank reimbursement warranty that will give you up to $1000 toward the cost of a new tank. Most homeowner insurance does not cover oil tank replacement, so this warranty could be a valuable benefit. Condensation and sludge buildup on the tank bottom is a natural occurrence over time. It does not harm your oil burner, but it can cause the tank to corrode and eventually leak.

TANK-GUARD®is an effective corrosion inhibitor which neutralizes the corrosive elements that collect on the bottom of an oil storage tank and it helps to extend oil tank life. Plus, TANK-GUARD® comes with the valuable reimbursement warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

Tank replacement is not covered under our service plan. Instead, we offer this economical TANK-GUARD® Program as a separate service for oil tanks.

Because oil tank replacement is expensive, we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of this program. The warranty is provided by Lincoln Laboratory, a company which has served the oil heat industry for over 45 years.

Please call our office for full warranty details and to enroll your oil tank. Repaired tanks or leaking tanks are not eligible.

TANK-GUARD® is a registered trademark of Lincoln Laboratory.