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Spacepak - High Velocity Air Conditioning

Conventional central air conditioning systems not practical for your situation? Are you trying to get central air in a hot water or electric radiant heated home without ducts? Get some SpacePak help you need! With a quality, affordable industry product, SpacePak makes it possible to install superior central air conditiong in your home without the need for major remodeling!

No more need for large sheet metal ducting required by other central air conditioning systems, because the SpacePak system uses 2? diameter, flexible, insulated tubing that is small enough to be used behind existing wall construction. SpacePak fits like a new glove. Delievered inconspicuously through small round openings in walls, ceilings, or floors, cool air will find its way to you! Get information and ask questions about SpacePak Mini-Duct Systems to Save Time and Space today!