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      #2 Heating Oil: $2.849

Propane Heating

System 2000 Propane Furnace

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System 2000 Propane Furnace | Thermo Pride Propane Furnace | Triangle Tube Propane Furnace
Trinity Propane Furnace | Viessman Propane Furnace | Watts Radiant Propane Furnace

Now you can upgrade your existing water heater and boiler, furnace or heat pump to a single high efficiency system engineered to deliver high performance and exceptional fuel efficiency and economy. System 2000 combines heat and hot water with a single high efficiency appliance to maximize efficiency in all seasons, with the additional benefits of virtually unlimited hot water and whisper quiet operation.

System 2000 is designed for use with conventional heat and hot water systems for homes, buildings, pools, spas, snow melt systems and more. It’s also FUEL NEUTRAL and runs on natural gas, propane and oil heat.

All Frontier EK1, EK2 and EK3 models run on natural gas, oil heat, propane, or bioheat (B5) fuel sources and can be converted between fuels with a simple burner change. The rest of the system stays the same – this includes the boiler, water heater, thermostats, zones, Digital Energy Manager, and more.


As the “smart” central control device, System 2000’s Digital Energy Manager provides continuous system monitoring and simple diagnostics for a virtually maintenance-free, combined heat and hot water system.

Five, ten, and fifteen zone control options allow for multi-zone thermostat settings resulting in added comfort and overall energy savings for homeowners.

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