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Frequently Asked Questions

Service & Installation Questions

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Do you provide same day service?
Yes we do. There may be times during extreme cold or bad weather that we prioritize our calls based on need: no heat calls would be first, no hot water calls would be later. However, we do our very best to accommodate all service calls the same day.

Do you provide after-hours service?
Yes, we provide service 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Call the office and at the automated message press “1” for immediate assistance and your call will be answered by an on-call technician.

Do you have replacement parts on all of your service trucks?
Each vehicle carries an inventory of replacement parts. However, this does not guarantee that we will always have the part you may require. We have a sizable warehouse with additional parts. If your part is not readily available most parts can be delivered to our warehouse within 24 hours.

Do you service all makes and models?
We service all brands of heating, air conditioning, water heaters, water conditioning equipment, whole house air to air exchangers, humidifiers, and stand by generators.

Do you perform estimates?
Yes, we can design a system whether it is heating, air conditioning, water conditioning, alternative heat sources, retrofits or new construction. We will choose the necessary components that will best suit the space based on longevity and dependability. Once a decision is made, we can schedule at your convenience and perform the installation without interfering with your daily schedule.

Do I have to be home when you come to service my system?
Not necessarily, as long as we have access to the system we can make needed repairs or merely perform your annual periodic maintenance.

Do my installed parts have any sort of warranty?
Most parts have some sort of warranty, some are 30 days others are 2 years, and they vary widely amongst parts. If a part fails within its’ warranty period, we will submit it for warranty credit. If we get credit for it, it is then passed onto you. Labor charges are not always covered by manufacturer warranties.

Are your technicians licensed?
Although certification or licensing is not mandatory in the state of New Hampshire, all of our technicians have been schooled and licensed in the state of Massachusetts. New Hampshire has a voluntary certification for Bronze, Silver and Gold. These levels require testing and continuing education to maintain their status. We currently have 5 service technicians and 4 hold a Gold certification and 1 a Bronze certification.

Can you help me control allergies and asthma?
We recommend the use of an air filtration system, a UV air purifier, and proper humidity.