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  Cash Price 
      #2 Heating Oil: $2.419

Gas Hearth Products

Empire has the broadest gas space heating available in the world. Our product line is superior in quality to any on the market. Many models have unique features that are not available from other companies. Always buy an appliance certified by a listed 3rd party agency, such as the American Gas Association or UL.

Many Empire hearth products and residential heating systems operate without electricity, and can heat your home in the event of a temporary power outage. Even systems with optional electric blowers will still provide heat in a power outage, though the blower will not operate.

The logs are included in our fireplace systems, some models let you select one of 10 unique log sets -- aged oak, charred oak, birch, split oak, deepwoods oak, sassafras, weathered oak, and three colors of flame art decorator logs.

The life expectancy with proper maintenance and care, the units will last 10-20 years.

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