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  Cash Price 
      #2 Heating Oil: $2.419

Delivery Information

Automatic Delivery Service
We highly recommend automatic delivery to all of our customers. Our automatic delivery scheduling system will ensure that you will have sufficient fuel, not only for the cold winter months, but all through the year. Some of our customers prefer our "ON CALL" service. If you chose to be listed as "ON CALL" we ask only that you request your delivery when your tank is no lower than 1/4 full. This will allow us sufficient time to place you in the delivery schedule with other homes in your area thereby eliminating costly "special trips".

Pre-Payment Plan
The Pre-Payment plan offers a guaranteed price per gallon. Minimum purchase gallons apply and a contract is signed at the time of purchase. Your account is placed on automatic delivery status. Plan information will available in early summer.

10 Month Budget
Our 10 month budget plan starts in July and ends in April. Your account is placed on automatic delivery status. This plan is based on either a guaranteed price or an estimated average daily price and your estimated annual usage . Many customers like the predictable monthly payment and discounts that are offered under this plan.

Downside Protection Insurance
For any guaranteed price plan, downside protection insurance may be included at an additional per gallon rate, at prevailing market prices. Call for further information.

Plan Cash Price
If you prefer to pay cash as you receive your oil, we offer a $0.10 per gallon discount. This is provided you pay within 10 days of delivery. This applies to both automatic delivery and "On Call" customers If you would like to enroll in our ACH program, we withdraw the funds from your designated account on or about the 15th of each month - you are entitled to a $ .15 per gallon discount. Click here for the ACH form.

Tank Guard Program
For over twenty years H.R. Clough, and Kearsarge Heating Oils, have offered our customers the Tank Guard oil tank protection program. Once a year, usually in the Spring, with the last delivery for the heating season, we will add Tank Guard to your above-ground tank, provided it doesn't exceed 300 gallons and you have enrolled in the program.

Tank Guard is a proprietary liquid chemical concentrate which can substantially reduce the corrosion problems caused by natural condensation in oil tanks. The cost is minimal and the warrenty is a great benefit. If a Tank Guard protected tank leaks from internal corrosion, they will pay for the repair or $1000.00 toward the cost of a tank replacement. Call our office if you're not currently on this program and would like the protection. Once you're signed up we will automatically enroll you each year. The cost is $29.95 for a 275 gallon tank.

TAG, you're it!
You may have noticed an orange or yellow tag attached to your fuel oil fill pipe. The number on each tag identifies you as a customer and corresponds to your account number. They also serve to help our drivers to correctly identify your house, and, for those homes with more than one fill pipe they ensure that we are putting the fuel in the proper one. If you're a customer who has moved a fill pipe or who has an abandoned fill pipe please make arrangements ASAP to have the unused pipe removed to guard against accidents.