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Nothing takes the place of a professional groomer but if you come to Muddy Tracks Pet Wash, there is no need to drop your pet off at the groomer so often. Enjoy a nice clean/fresh smelling pet anytime. The experience for your pet is stress free because they can remain at your side the entire time and not be left with strangers for a few hours.

The process usually takes 20 minutes or less depending on the size of your pet and the great thing is that it is totally back friendly - no bending is necessary. You can also lift the ramp in to the tub and slide it underneath, after getting your pet in place; it makes walking around the tub easier. The wash conveniently dispenses shampoo, conditioner and odor control right through the wash/rinse nozzle, and finally, there is a blow dryer as well as a setting to disinfect the tub to prepare for the next customer.

It's that simple.

Come check out Muddy Tracks Pet Wash!!
YOUR PET WILL LOVE IT!! and so will you.

ASK HARLEY - FAQ's about the pet wash

Do I have to deal with strangers?
Harley - Not at all, this is great for timid pets that don't like to be left with strangers. That's why I like it. I do realize that a professional grooming is necessary from time to time but I don't like to be left for long periods of time with someone I don't know. I get shiny and clean at Muddy Tracks without the stress of ever leaving my family in between those grooming visits.

Is it difficult to get into the tub?
Harley - Not at all - a non-slip rubber tread mat is on a ramp with an incline that most all pets can maneuver - I am eight and I can do it!! AND my mom likes the raised tub; it's much easier on her back.

Do I have to bring shampoo?
Harley - No - Environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners are automatically dispensed through the rinse/wash nozzle attached to the tub BUT you certainly can bring along a favorite if you wish.

Is there hot water?
Harley - The water is thermostatically controlled to maintain a temperature recommended by the manufacturer that is considered safe for all pets. Not to hot and not to cold. It's just right for me and you.

Do I need to bring my own towel?
Harley - Yes you do - however, there is a high velocity forced air dryer that quickly blasts water off my coat so only a quick towel dry is necessary. Hint - Before turning the selector to dryer please have your owner hold the hose first - it comes on with such force that it can whip the hose, which can be a little startling.

If you need to know anything else, just call 746-3456 or 800-730-2426 and my office buddies can answer any questions you may have.

Hope to see you at Muddy Tracks